French President launches official Minecraft server as part of his reelection campaign

Sacré bleu!

Image via Emmanuel Macron on Twitter

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The Minecraft content never stops coming. We got free maps as part of the New Year 2022 celebration, and now the French government is getting in on the action. Oui, really.

Sitting president Emmanuel Macron is running for reelection, and part of his campaign involves a new Minecraft server to spread his message. Announced on Twitter, the server falls in line with Macron’s campaign slogan. “Avec vous sur Minecraft,” the tweet reads, meaning “with you in Minecraft.” The accompanying video includes a preview of the server itself. The Élysée Palace, the traditional home of the French president, is featured, and it’s stamped with France’s national motto “liberté, égalité, fraternité,” meaning “life, equality, fraternity.” Other shots show us the recreated interior of Macron’s campaign office, which is of course adorned with his reelection posters.

Note that Gamepur is not endorsing Macron or his beliefs with this article. In fact, one of the top replies to the tweet talks about pushing propaganda in Minecraft. Nonetheless, it is a notable use of the game and a well-sculpted server.

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