Gears POP! Releases To Mobile Devices On August 22

Have you been eagerly awaiting to play the new Gears 5 title coming out on Sept. 10? Well, to hold you have, get ready to play Gears POP! on your mobile device. You don’t have to wait long to play it as the mobile game is releasing on Aug. 22.

Gears POP! got announced during E3 2018. Some fans were speculative of the direction, given the aggressive and adult-nature of the Gears of War franchise. Nevertheless, the game remains as violent as ever, if not with a move adorable, cute-like nature.

In the game, players are attempting to defend their side from their opponent. They use individual cards to summon units. Each unit comes with a unique playstyle, forcing players to think about how they build their decks to reflect their preferred game style. For example, the Kait unit rushes across the enemy line to directly attack an enemy’s turret. If players lose a turret, it exposes their base to the other player.

The game is coming out so soon so players can sate their Gears gameplay needs by watching these cute little fighters drive each other back to dominate their opponent’s base. Get ready to download it on the Apple App and Google Play store on Aug. 22.

Gears POP! Boomer Buddy gamescom

Brought to you by Xbox and Funko Animation Studios, “Boomer Buddy” is the second in a series of animated shorts starring the characters from Gears POP! Audio Description: