Genshin Impact 1.3 trailer sets the stage for Xiao’s arrival

As quick as the wind.

Genshin Impact

miYoHo is stoking the fires of hype for Genshin Impact 1.3 with a new trailer that focuses on the Yakshas, the Guardian Adepti who protect Liyue, and all who live there. Front and center in the trailer is Xiao, the next 5 Star character who will be arriving in the game when 1.3 releases on February 3.

The story of Yakshas is bittersweet. As decaying old gods inflicted horror upon the land, Rex Lapis called forth champions to protect the land of Liyue. The five Yakshas were sworn to fight evil wherever they found it but were eventually driven into madness or rage by their endless war.

Three of the Yakshas perished, while one vanished, and only Xiao remained, a faint memory for most of the people in Liyue. But now Xiao is returning, in banner form for players, and will be available to earn through Wishes. Xiao was available to play during the beta and is considered a “selfish” character, in that to get the most out of his kit, your party should be built to keep him active as much as possible.

With strong supports, Xiao was a terrifying damage dealer during the beta, but we cannot comment on how strong he will be when he is released. Hopefully, we will get some lucky banner rolls and get our hands on him quickly.

You can expect all manner of other changes to arrive in Genshin Impact 1.3. There will be a rolling series of events to celebrate the launch, including the Lantern Rite festival. Zhongli and the Geo class will be getting a much-needed buff, a new material conversion system is being introduced, and changes are being made to Original Resin that will hopefully make farming the resources and items you need much easier.

While most of the focus will be on the introduction of Xiao, as is fitting for a new 5 Star character, there will be lots to see and do when the new update releases for PC, PlayStation, and mobile on February 3.