Genshin Impact fans are unhappy about the latest leaks about Scaramouche changes

What’s happening to Scaramouche?

Image via HoYoverse

Scaramouche is arguably one of the most popular NPCs in Genshin Impact at the moment, acting as one of the Harbingers whose devious nature makes him stand out. Through the brief interactions we’ve had with Scaramouche, he seems to be one of the more blatantly antagonistic characters of the game. Additionally, his appearance suggests that he would be an Electro character when made playable. However, the latest Genshin Impact leaks indicate otherwise, and some fans aren’t happy. Note: Heavy potential spoilers ahead.

Leaker @hxg_diluc indicated that Scaramouche would receive an element and personality change at the conclusion of the Sumeru story. Supposedly, Scaramouche will lose his vision and enter a permanent delusion instead (Tartaglia’s boss fight state is him using a delusion). Additionally, this delusion will have the “Anemo” element. Scaramouche will also receive some personality changes as part of the whole event.

These leaks also indicate that the Scaramouche we’ve seen so far will not be playable, but we’ll get access to his alternate form instead. This alternate form has a separate name called “Wanderer,” and will effectively be a new character. These leaks may also indicate Scaramouche will become less antagonistic or receive some sort of “redemption arc” despite initially being a villain.

While these leaks initially sound questionable, reliable leaker @Ubatcha seems to confirm parts of the leak as accurate. In a follow-up tweet, Ubatcha criticized the fanbase for reacting negatively without even seeing how the character will play out, stating that they’d wait to see how it plays out in-game.

Scaramouche has been assumed to be a future playable character for quite some time, but these leaks may fly in the face of those assumptions. Regardless, Version 3.0 may bring some new info regarding Scaramouche’s fate, so we’ll have to keep a close eye out to see how Sumeru handles Scaramouche’s character.