Genshin Impact fans cry over poor Dehya, who is too weak to kill a Hydro Slime

Dehya fans crying in the club.

Image by HoYoverse

Dehya is the next 5-star character slated to appear in Genshin Impact. Wielding a Claymore and brandishing the Pyro element, Dehya had her whole life ahead of her to be one of the top picks in the future of the game. Unfortunately, many players don’t seem extra pleased about her, thanks to her perceived weak kit and her inclusion in the game’s Standard Banner, which is filled with characters who are seen as weaker than the average limited 5-star.

How did we get here? Dehya was leaked some time ago to become a playable character. Her heavy involvement in the Sumeru Archon Quest hinted at her great power, especially due to her prowess in her bodyguard role. Unfortunately, her leaked kit has stirred up some controversy in the community, with many even seeing her as weaker than Xinyan, a 4-star character who is notorious for being the worst character in the game.

Many are attributing her weakness to her inclusion in the game’s Standard Banner. Most new 5-star characters are limited characters and are only obtainable when they are featured in limited-time banners. However, in a twist of fate, Dehya was revealed in the recent Version 3.5 live stream to be a “Standard Banner” character, which means she can be pulled at any time. Historically, characters in the Standard Banner, such as Diluc and Qiqi, are seen as weaker than most 5-star characters, either being outclassed in the case of Diluc or straight-up bad in the case of Qiqi.

Fans have even drawn fan art of a dejected Dehya, exasperated at the sight of her own weakness. While HoYoverse has kept most characters relevant and relatively strong, even if they aren’t the best, many feel this is not possible in Dehya’s case. Whether or not she’s truly weak will be seen when she officially drops, but one thing is for certain: things aren’t looking up for everyone’s favorite bodyguard.