Genshin Impact generated $60 million in its launch week, becomes the highest-earning RPG mobile game

Genshin Impact becomes the highest earning RPG worldwide during its launch week.

Genshin Impact

Image via Genshin Impact

The newly released RPG, Genshin Impact, has gained a lot of hype and has become one of the biggest launches ever by a Chinese game publisher. The game was released on September 28, 2020, by miHoYo on Google Play Store and App Store. According to the Sensor Tower’s latest report, Genshin Impact has generated approximately $60 Million in revenue in the first week of its launch.

Following this, Genshin Impact became the world’s second-highest-grossing mobile game worldwide and is just behind Honor of Kings by Tencent in the first place. PUBG Mobile, on the other side, dipped to the third spot in the list post its ban in India. Genshin Impact was the highest-earning mobile game in the first week in the RPG category, followed by Monster Strike from Mixi. 

Image via Sensor Tower

The game has also been a big hit in China, accumulating close to $25 million in player spending to date on Apple’s App Store there, close to 42 percent of its total revenue, not including third-party Android stores. However, it has generated most sales outside China, racking up close to $35 million in the rest of the world, which is about 58 percent of its revenue so far.

Genshin Impact has generated its highest revenue from China, followed by Japan, with players spending approximately $17 million (about 29 percent of total revenue). App Store has generated 70 percent of the total revenue globally, around $42 Million of revenue. Google Play, meanwhile, accounts for approximately $17.7 million, which is close to 30 percent of spending.