Genshin Impact leak reveals The Chasm will release in Version 2.6

A brand new area.

Screenshot by Gamepur

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The Chasm is an upcoming expansion area for Genshin Impact, similar to Dragonspine and Enkanomiya. Dragonspine is an expansion to Mondstadt, while Enkanomiya is an expansion for Inazuma. As a result, The Chasm will act as a similar feature for Liyue, the only region so far without a major side area.

The rumors about The Chasm have been swirling ever since the game’s release, but it seems like those will finally be put to rest. Several leakers have stated that The Chasm is releasing in Version 2.6 of Genshin Impact, bringing a new playable area to Liyue.

Many different leakers have corroborated this theory, including Waffel and Ubatcha. One fan theory was that The Chasm would also act as an introduction to the Dendro element, which is the only unreleased element in the game. However, Dendro will reportedly be introduced in Sumeru instead.

Ubatcha also stated that The Chasm will release in multiple stages, similar to how Inazuma expanded across many different updates. Version 2.6 may also bring Kamisato Ayato, a highly anticipated playable character, as well as an Ayaka and Yoimiya re-run.

Remember that any leak should be taken with a grain of salt until officially confirmed by miHoYo. All the details above have not been officially proven yet.