Genshin Impact version 2.4 will bring new characters, a new area, and festive celebrations

The update is set to drop next month.

Image via MiHoYo

The Genshin Impact livestream program that took place this morning had plenty of new information to share about the game’s upcoming 2.4 update. Among the announcements were new characters, the new underwater nation of Enkanomiya, and much more.

The showcase, along with a supplementary blog post from MiHoYo Technical Director on the official PlayStation website, confirmed plenty of rumors and leaked information that have been doing the rounds in recent week. The update’s release date was confirmed as January 5, and new characters Shenhe and Yun Jin were officially revealed.

On top of that, the team confirmed that players would be able to enjoy another Lantern Rite, the New Year celebrations based in the city-state of Liyue. On the day of the festival, anyone bearing witness will be able to see the night sky of Liyue Harbor filled with thousands of Xiao Lanterns and “a grand fireworks show.” As a bonus, players can also pitch in to help rebuild the Jade Chamber, the impressive airborne palace that was destroyed during Liyue’s previous Archon quest.

One of the most intriguing updates was the official reveal of the new region of Enkanomiya, an underwater nation sealed away for thousands of years. With its own day/night cycle and plenty of mysteries to solve in the depths, there seems plenty for players to dig into. As if all that weren’t enough, version 2.4 will also include performance updates and visual improvements, so there should be something here for everyone.