Genshin Impact to include preload feature for update 1.3 early next week – Here’s how to use it

Have the Lantern Rite Festival and much more preloaded as soon as next Monday.

Screenshot via MiYoHo YouTube

For those playing Genshin Impact on PC and mobile, developer MiHoYo has announced that these platforms will include a pre-installation feature for its update 1.3 early next week. Although it is expected to be quite a large file, these users will have the right to download it up to two days before the new content goes live.

Players on PC, iOS, and Android can begin pre-installing update 1.3 on Monday, February 1, and will have the opportunity to do so until the new content officially arrives on Wednesday, February 3. The function is said to be immediately available by 6 AM ET, 9 AM PT, and 12 PM BT on this date.

As seen from previous versions, PC owners can start the pre-installment process by updating the Genshin Impact Launcher and clicking on the “Game Pre-Installment” option. Once completed, these players will still need to update the title on February 3, but will find that the game resource files will already be installed.

The mobile version will allow users to preload update 1.3 by either clicking on the door icon placed in the bottom-right menu of the home screen, or through the “Other” section in the Settings menu. However, the game will still need be updated through each platform’s respective app store when the patch is released.

The incoming update has already been revealed to a high degree, with the Lantern Rite events set to premiere from it, as well as several buffs, and possibly even a new character.