Ghost of Tsushima sales push past 8 million units

He’s not much of a ghost anymore.

Image via PlayStation

Ghost of Tsushima, Sucker Punch’s latest intellectual property, adds yet another notch to the string of modern PlayStation-exclusive success stories. In under two years, it has reached a significant milestone, placing it¬†alongside the likes of Horizon: Zero Dawn.

Ghost of Tsushima has sold over 8 million units since its July 2020 launch. The news comes via Sony’s 2022 CES press conference, during which the company divulged its sales figures as a means of communicating the impact of PlayStation Studios brands.

The last official Ghost of Tsushima¬†sales figures was revealed in November 2020. The open-world samurai title had sold an impressive 5 million copies by that point. Considering how important the first few months are for a game’s lifetime sales, it’s noteworthy that it pushed another 3 million in the past 14 months.

Of course, these figures are at least partially influenced by two factors. Last year saw the release of the Iki Island expansion alongside a PlayStation 5 Director’s Cut. It’s safe to say that launching new content in addition to an enhanced version for Sony’s shiny new console contributed to a surge in interest. Ghost of Tsushima may pave the way for an even more successful sequel regardless of the circumstances.