Ghost of Tsushima sold 5 million copies on PS4

Sucker Punch’s action adventure turned to be very successful.

Imave via Sony Interactive Entertainment

In an interview with The New York Times, PlayStation executives revealed that Ghost of Tsushima has sold more than five million copies.

The interview with Shuhei Yoshida, who’s now overseeing Sony’s indie strategy, and Jim Ryan, president and CEO at Sony Interactive Entertainment, has provided more details about how, Ghost of Tsushima, the last big PlayStation 4 exclusive has performed in terms of sales.

“Sony attributes much of its success over the last console generation to the popularity of its exclusive game franchises, including stalwarts like God of War (more than 51 million copies sold) and newcomers like Ghost of Tsushima, with more than five million copies sold since its debut in July,” says the well-documented feature.

Thus far, Sony hadn’t provided official sales figures, but it was confirmed Ghost of Tsushima was the fastest-selling new intellectual property to release on PS4 from PlayStation Studios.

Developer Sucker Punch has already started looking into a potential setting for a second game in the franchise since the IP turned to be this popular.

In the previous interview, Ryan had mentioned this success was kind of unexpected for the publisher, even though it has worked on growing internal studios and is happy to see this work finally paying off in the PS4 era.

Since its launch, Ghost of Tsushima has released a free update introducing multiplayer co-op mode Legends. As PlayStation 5 releases today, it’s worth noting Ghost of Tsushima has been updated to take advantage of the console’s Game Boost mode, unlocking 60fps support.