Glitch prevents players from getting their retroactive Crown Rank rewards in Fall Guys Season 3

That coveted golden costume won’t be in your inventory.

Crown Rank level

If you were expecting to enter Season 3 of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout showing off your exclusive rewards or golden costume from the new Crown Rank system… you are out of luck. The main issue is that Crown Rank rewards, which are supposed to be retroactive, are not being awarded to players who rightfully earned them in previous seasons.

Season 3 kicked off with a pause in matchmaking to due to some last-minute maintenance on the new patch, and one of the things the developers were trying to fix is the retroactive rewards. So far, however, they were not able to fix them. Because they wanted to get the game back up and running, they have decided to go forward without the retroactive rewards for now.

According to Fall Guys’ social media, we will be seeing a fix for this by the end of the week. The new season is, for the most part, running pretty smoothly now, aside from Hex-A-Gone being temporarily disabled.