God of War (PS4) Graphics Comparison 2017 vs 2018 Shows Astonishing Improvements

God of War

The God of War reboot or the 4th installment in the franchise was first announced back in 2016, from then onwards we are only getting gameplay teasers and trailers. It sure has been a long time since its announcement and during that time the PS4 Pro was also not released, so let’s see how the graphics in the trailer have changed since then.

God of War PS4 Graphics Comparison - 2017 vs 2018

The comparison is down between God of War (2017) Versus the recently released God of War Story Trailer (2017). We can see from the trailers’ side by side comparison that the graphics have improved significantly from its original announcement. We can notice the graphics enhancement from subtle changes on Krato’s Axe to the addition of volumetric fogs and improved dynamic lighting.

While some developers downgrade the graphics with the excuse that the consoles won’t be able to handle it, God of War’s trailers prove otherwise. It just proves how powerful the PS4 can be.

God of War PS4 2016 vs 2018 Comparison Screenshot

This comparison trailer came just at the right time – God of War is scheduled to launch worldwide on April 20. This trailer gives PlayStation fans a chance to see how much improvements the development team have started since 2017. There is no multiplayer section in God of War, but campaign length is going to be 25-30 hours long.