God Of War (PS4) Dev Thinks The Game Is Quite Different From The Last Of Us

God of War Photo Mode Walkthrough

Many video gamers are ready to bet that God of War is going to be quite similar to The Last of Us in terms of how it develops its father and son relationship between Kratos and Atreus in comparison with Joel and Ellie.

Talking to USGamer, creative director Cory Barlog expressed his vision about the topic, stating that actually, things are going to be pretty different (in God of War) although he has only respect for what Naughty Dog achieved back in the days.

God of War (PS4) vs The Last of Us Comparison

“It’s interesting because I think at its highest level you can look at the father figure looking after their child as well as the closer camera angle. But for me the game is so vastly different,” said Barlog.

“Not to say anything negative about The Last of Us, because the game is amazing, but the way we handle Atreus and his gameplay relationship to the player is very different. It was very important for me to carve out our own identity in how we approached this game”.

God of War is releasing April 20. The Last of Us Part II is in development now and will most probably come by early 2019, so we’ll see whether more similarities will arise by that time.