Dev On God of War PS4 Graphics Downgrade Controversy: “I’m Laughing Seeing The Comments”

God of War

Ever since the latest trailer for the upcoming God of War game dropped on the internet (God of War Story Trailer) some fans are going crazy over it, mainly because of the noticeable graphics difference between this and the original E3 2016 trailer.

God of War PS4 Graphics Comparison Screen Shows Downgrade

There are some major graphics changes between the two trailers, no doubt but, is there a downgrade (this question has been raised mainly because of the graphical changes you see in the comparison screenshot below)? Personally, I do not think so, the game still looks amazing and the developers have made some visual improvements as well.

Keeping that aside, following to this accusation, the lead artist behind the game, took up on Twitter to reply to this false downgrade, and said:

“What has changed is just the direction of light and fog, the content is the same as the E3 trailer, but different context, you will understand when you play. The Jormungandr, Kratos, and Atreus continue exactly like the trailer are comparing with other scenes and lights. I’m laughing seeing the comments :)”

This should now put all those God of War PS4 graphics downgrade rumor to the rest. The game is just a few months away from release – they exact release date is April 20, and these type of negative report could do a lot of damage to the product. Thankfully, a development team member came out in open and debunked the rumor.