God of War, Final Fantasy VII Remake get updates to support PlayStation 5

Game Boost support could be on the way.

Image via PlayStation

Several PlayStation 4 games have been updated recently with suspiciously tiny patch notes that actually didn’t reveal what happened, and we might have just discovered why. A well-known modder Lance McDonald has checked some of those games’ files and verified that, after updating with the latest software updates, they introduced a certain degree of support to PlayStation 5.

“I can confirm that God of War 3 Remastered, God of War (2018) and Final Fantasy 7 Remake have now been updated with some amount of added PS5 support,” said McDonald.

It is not clear what this support would actually mean, though, as players can’t see benefits on current-gen hardware.

“There’s no way to know what amount of “support” this actually is until we get hands-on,” the modder added.

Sony has disclosed that backwards compatibility will allow developers to introduce a Game Boost mode on top of existing PlayStation 4 titles on PS5. The mode will allow players to enjoy performance improvements thanks to the power of PlayStation 5.

The only confirmed game to do that is Ghost of Tsushima, reaching stable 60fps on the new hardware. With these updates, there’s a chance Game Boost could be applied to them, too, even though we’ll only get to know at a later date.