God of War PC mod lets you play as Atreus

Take control of the boy.

Image via SIE Santa Monica Studio

Despite the large role that Atreus plays in God of War’s story, you never get to take control of Kratos’ boy himself. However, God of War players on PC will soon be able to do just that thanks to a mod by Speclizer, a YouTuber who specializes in modding various triple-A titles.

Speclizer shared a video showing the in-development mod in action on their YouTube channel. Rather than simply swapping Kratos’ model with Atreus’, the mod looks to let players actually control Atreus, and utilize the moves he uses as an NPC. Evidently, it’s still pretty rough; Atreus moves around like he’s sliding on ice. The modder admitted that the mod “still requires a lot more work before release.” Speclizer did not specify a release date or window for the mod.

This isn’t Speclizer’s first God of War mod. The modder previously created a first-person mod for the award-winning title.

Previously a PS4 exclusive, God of War debuted on PC in January, and it’s developed a bit of modding scene. As evidenced by the game’s Nexus Mods page, many of the game’s mods are reskins of the game’s various weapons — or even Kratos himself — to match weapon or character designs seen in previous God of War games.