God of War PS4 Levels Inspired By Bloodborne, More Details About The Hubs

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God of War: Ascension Artwork 4

According to the Senior Systems Designer Anthony Dimento and Lead Level Designer Luis Sanchez, God of War’s levels have been hugely inspired by Bloodborne’s, which is something we’re quite sure PlayStation 4 users will love.

God of War PS4 Level Design Comparison

“I love building spaces that wrap around each other. One of my favorite games is Bloodborne, their design is amazing, top-tier. That has been an inspiration for me, a lot of the exploration spaces kind of call back to those games,” is what slipped from the latest episode of The Lost Pages of Norse Myth podcast.

“We have those micro-loops where you’re unlocking paths, unlocking shortcuts, giving them purpose and kind of looping around the space and learning the area.”

Interestingly, the developers added new information about the hub we’ll meet and live in for a while throughout our adventure with Kratos and Atrues, detailing that in those spaces we’ll be able to grab side missions and power up characters’ skills.

“What we’re doing is that it’s not an open world game but there are hubs, in our instance one big hub where there’s additional content that doesn’t necessarily tie into the main story. It does in certain ways, but it’s more about expanding the world and creating a more immersive experience.

One of the levels, for example, revolves around a Golem, one of our big rock enemies, and through working on a sidequest we kind of told a little origin story about that enemy which gave him a personality, and it was cool watching this play out and giving him a background while building the world.”

God of War launches on April 20 for PS4.