God of War Creative Director Rules Out Microtransactions, Day One Edition Cover Revealed

God of War: Ascension screen 2

During the last few hours, a rumor was around about the possible introduction of microtransactions in God of War (PS4). Despite being a single-player experience, it seemed, the game might have had in-game purchases for cosmetic items and more.

Well, creative director Cory Barlog just issued a tweet in reply to this rumor, coming from a supposed leak at a French press event, stating there’s “no freakin way” the upcoming PS4 exclusive is introducing microtransactions anytime soon.

God of War (PS4) Day One Cover Art And Microtransaction

This is not going to change anything for me, to be honest, but it’s a good news in terms of how the users receive the game. Microtransactions are seen as the evilest thing to do in video games, so it’s better for God of War to stay away from them.

On top of that, it was also revealed the game will be featuring a Day One Edition with a completely different cover art, which you can see attached to this news complete with protagonists Kratos and his son Atreus.

God of War Day One Edition Cover Art vs Standard Edition Cover Art

god-of-war-day-one-edition-cover-art god-of-war-ps-cover-art

It’s based on an early artwork for the game, that you could possibly remember, and probably is better than the standard edition cover. Who knows? You tell us, in the comments below.