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God of War Reviews Claim PS4 Pro Performance Mode Is The Best Way To Play

According to numerous God of War reviews, the Performance Mode of God of War PS4 Pro is the best way to play the game.

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With God of War reviews out in the wild, it’s interesting to finally be able to take note of its most important technical aspects, which go from the resolutions on PS4 and PS4 Pro up to the performances and frame rates.

ResetEra user MattAces has built a thread on the popular forums summing up all the information about this topic coming from the several outlets that have had a chance to play the game before it ships on April 20.

God of War PS4 Pro Performance Mode Comparison Screenshots

Looking at this intel, it looks like that many – especially Polygon – think the game is best played on PS4 Pro’s Performance Mode rather than 4K, as the latter has frame rate drop which might be annoying for an action game.

“In God of War’s case, the increased resolution isn’t worth the frame rate trade-off. We tried the 4K mode during our review period, and found that the game sometimes failed to maintain its 30 fps target”, Polygon claims.

“The drops happened often enough — both in combat and in merely exploring the world — to make us want to switch to Performance mode. The frame rate was more variable there; it didn’t stay locked at 60 fps, which would be a lot to ask. Yet the game almost always ran well above 30 fps on this setting, and we preferred the increased responsiveness, especially in battle.”

So, to sum things up:

  • PS4 Pro Performance: Unlocked target 60fps (near constant according to PSLS)
  • PS4 Pro Resolution 4k: 30fps (with drops)
  • PS4 Pro Resolution 1080p: 30fps (with drops?)
  • PS4 Base: 30fps, no options

God of War releases on April 20 for PS4 and PS4 Pro.

Source: ResetEra

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