Santa Monica Studio Explains God of War (PS4) New RPG-Like Element

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God of War: Ascension Artwork 2

God of War 2018 is totally different in comparison with the original series’ games, revealing a brand new ambition and vision from Santa Monica Studio, which is apparently going for an RPG-like approach.

In a recent interview, the developer explained why it decided to take this path, which is quite unusual and might have been disappointing for the core userbase more keen on hack ‘n’ slash experiences like the past GoW titles.

God of War (PS4) RPG Element Explained

“Past God of War games have been kind of a one-way street in combat and the kind of way you can choose to play. We gave you a choice by having the Cestus or the Blades, a single track weapon that you could switch out anytime and have different abilities about it,” head of the strategy for the community Aaron Kaufman.

“Now, with more RPG-like elements, you have armor, your axe, you have different ways to upgrade each of those. You have your shield, the melee, you have Atreus. All of these things can be upgraded whether in their abilities or giving them new elemental effects.”

On top of that, according to Kaufman, the team also wanted to give players a choice about how they approach the latest adventure in the Kratos’ saga, adding a “strategic choice” and the feeling they can determine “how they want to play the game.”

God of War is releasing on April 20 for PS4.