Pokémon Wreak Havoc in Grand Theft Auto V with Amazing New Mod

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There’s a lot of hype going into the release of Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield this week. But that’s apparently not the only place you can find characters from the series, as someone has created a mod where they show up in Grand Theft Auto V.

Based on the Gfycat video posted below by Reddit user MyNameGifOReilly, the video showcases the likes of Charmander, Charizard, Squirtle, and other Pokémon characters getting into all sorts of trouble in Los Santos. It’s fun to watch, even if they’re doing some weird stuff, like brandishing a machine gun and attacking innocent civilians. Guess there’s only so many battle commands they can take before they fight back.

The mod seems to be limited to the game’s single player mode, as it doesn’t appear to be set for Grand Theft Auto Online. But still, that beats nothing—and it gives players the chance to breathe fire at oncoming vehicles and beat someone up in the fight club arena with a hammer. What’s more fun than that?

At the moment, the Reddit user didn’t disclose where the mod can be found. But it’s not likely to make the rounds for long. Nintendo isn’t exactly fond of its characters being used for unofficial mods, particularly in a case like this where they use weapons and extreme violence.

via Gfycat

This isn’t the first time the characters have been brought to Grand Theft Auto V. Back in 2016, an interesting video popped up with Pokemon GO characters appearing in the game. This one appears to be a little bit smoother, however. Now it’s just a matter of players finding the mod before it gets brought down.

If you prefer the official Pokemon game experiences, Sword and Shield arrive on the Nintendo Switch Nov. 15.