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Grant Theft Auto V: How to Get the GTA 5 Smart Outfit

Here is how GTA V players find and equip the Smart Outfit. It's not super tricky, but come players could get tripped up trying to find it.

While Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5) is all about wild adventures and thrilling escapades, there is also an aspect of fashion that adds a different appeal to the game. Your selected outfits can convey your character’s personality, preferences, and attitude. Whether you’re going for a street-savvy look, a sophisticated style, or something more eccentric, your fashion choices reflect who your character is within the game’s world.

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Furthermore, some missions require you to dress a certain way in order to complete the task. One such mission is the “Casing the Jewel Store,” where you need to have a smart outfit on. However, many might not know which clothing pieces are considered smart or changing up the attire in general. Hence, we’ve put together a guide explaining how to get the GTA 5 smart outfit.

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How Do You Wear A Smart Outfit In GTA 5?

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When playing as Michael and taking on the “Casing the Jewel Store,” Lester will ask you to change into a smart outfit in order to start the mission. You will also get a notification stating, “Get changed into a smart outfit at your wardrobe or a high-end clothes shop to begin the mission.” Needless to say, follow the below-mentioned steps to change your outfit.

  • Go to Michael’s house.
  • Go to Michael’s bedroom (upstairs) and then walk into the closet.
  • Go through the clothing options available until you see the suit. Change into the suit, and you are good to go.

You can also buy a brand-new suit from clothing shops, but it’s not really worth it unless you have spare money available. Once you change into a smart outfit, you’ll be able to take on the mission. Since you’ll be committing a heist in a jewelry store, you’ll need to look presentable. Furthermore, Lester will send you back even before the mission starts if you are not wearing the appropriate outfit.

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