Grand Theft Auto V Is Available On Xbox Game Pass, Starting Today

Grand Theft Auto V

Image via Rockstar Games

Grand Theft Auto V is now part of the Xbox Game Pass for Consoles. Microsoft announced via the official Xbox Game Pass Twitter, so if you have yet to play one of the biggest games in history, and are an Xbox Game Pass customer, now is your time.

People with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate or Xbox Live Gold will also have access to Grand Theft Auto Online, the game’s multiplayer component. Xbox Game Pass members will also get up to 10% off any purchase of the Criminal Enterprise Start Pack, or Shark Cards, the game’s premium currency that nets you in-game dollars to spend on cars, weapons, clothes, and real estate.

Initially released in 2013, the game was updated for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in 2014, before finally coming to PC in 2015. It is a surprising addition to the Xbox Game Pass lineup, especially given the fact that the game still enjoys strong sales, almost seven years after release.

Part of that is the success of GTA Online, a sprawling multiplayer sandbox that allows people to take part in heists, run their own business, own property, and collect vast amounts of cars and other vehicles. The most recent update added the Diamond Casino and Resort, including a new heist.

For people who are interested in giving Xbox Game Pass a whirl, you can currently get three months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for $1, but that deal will end on Jan. 6. It’s a great time to try out the service, especially if you have never played Grand Theft Auto V before.