Grounded’s first content update will be arriving a day early on August 26

Prepare to get wet.


Grounded, the big game about being small, will be getting its first content update on August 26. The update was planned for August 27 but will be arriving a day early, bringing new content to the backyard survival game.

This update will be all about water, if leaks and data mines are to be believed. We will apparently be getting a swimming spider to deal with, new underwater insects, new resources and items to craft from them, and plenty more. All these predictions are based on information that is already available in the game’s code, so there could be much more added when the update drops.

There are also some hints included in a tweet from the official Grounded account, showing sprig fences as a new base building option, and a cookie and giant footprint that hint at a new location.

Grounded has really resonated with fans, offering a fun take on the traditional survival game genre, putting you in the shrunken shoes of a group of kids who get miniaturized by some strange equipment in their backyard. You need to build a base, farm for resources, and explore the map to try and find a way to return yourself to normal. You also need to do it all without getting eaten by the various bugs and critters that call the yard home.

The developer’s plan is to provide monthly updates, adding new slices of content each time to keep players interested as the game moves through early access towards an eventual full release.

Grounded was played by a million players within two days of release, showing that for a lot of gamers out there, good things really do come in small packages. The success of the game clearly shows that while people might be getting tired of the “island of death” setting other games go for, a new and slightly cuter setting can give a new lease on life to the genre.