Over 1 million players have already played Grounded’s Early Access

Grounded has early success; over a million players have tried the game in Steam’s early access and Xbox Game Pass.


Obsidian Entertainment appears to have a new hit with their latest game, Grounded. It is now being reported that over a million players have tried the game in its early access. This is very impressive since the game was only made available through the Xbox Game Pass preview and the Steam Early Access on July 28, meaning the game was able to gain a million players within only a few days.

The announcement was made on Xbox Wire; the article also reveals that the early access version of the game will be gaining a new update beginning August 27.

Grounded is an online, multiplayer game that takes clear inspirations from the classic 90s film Honey, I Shrunk Kids. Players get to play as young teens, who find themselves shrunk down to the size of ants. It is up to the players to team up and trek throughout the mysterious backyard to find a way to make themselves big again.

In the game, players can collect many different tools and equipment while facing dangerous insects and other creatures. Due to their sizes, most insects now tower over the player characters. The giant spider enemies were given the most publicity due to many people’s arachnophobia. Fortunately, the developers have thought ahead and incorporated an arachnophobia feature, a slider that determines how realistic spiders will look like in the game.

The full version of Grounded is currently expected to be release sometime in 2021.