GTA V for PS4 Tweet Was A Typo, Sony Apologies

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Yesterday a tweet from Sony UK stated that Grand Theft Auto V is coming to PS4. The tweet read something like this: “GTA V is going to be amazing, especially on the PS4! What other games are you looking forward to playing, Norman?”

GTA VMany GTA series fans stated that this is yet another blunder from Sony, the first one being the recent leak of GTA V on PSN (Sony has already issued an apology for this one).

Sony UK has now mentioned that “GTA V PS4 tweet” was a typo and it was supposed to read “PS3 instead of PS4”. Well it seems like Sony are too busy in promoting PS4 that they forgot something like PS3 still exist.

So for now, there’s still no official confirmation whether GTA V will arrive on PS4 and Xbox One as well.