GTA V is leaving Xbox Game Pass

You can currently pick up the hit title for 20% off.

Grand Theft Auto V

Image via Rockstar

Just three months after arriving on the service, Grand Theft Auto V will soon leave Xbox Game Pass. While there isn’t an official date for when the game will be removed from Game Pass, it is currently under the “Leaving Soon” category on the service’s site.

There are three other titles alongside GTA V on Xbox’s Game Pass page: It Lurks Below, The Touryst, and UnderMine. Together with GTA V, these titles will be removed from Game Pass within the next two weeks. However, as with all games leaving Game Pass, members can purchase them for 20% off before they’re removed from the service.

GTA V’s removal is especially notable, mainly because of the major content update the game’s online counterpart, GTA Online, recently received. Titled Los Santos Tuners, GTA Online’s most recent update arrived just last week and added a fleet of new vehicles to the game along with robbery-style contracts, new music, and a place for players to meet up and show off their prized vehicles called the LS Car Meet.

While GTA V is leaving, many new titles are heading to Xbox Game Pass within the coming weeks. Headlining the upcoming offerings is Microsoft Flight Simulator, which players can download for free, along with Hades, Lethal League Blaze, Psychonauts 2, Lemnis Gate, Back 4 Blood, and others.