GTA VI “Project Americas” Is Set In Miami, Feature A Female Protagonist, Releases In 2022

GTA 6 Is Reportedly In Development Since 2018

According to a new video from YouTube channel The Know, the same which revealed details about Dark Souls III ahead of its announcement, GTA 6 could be set in Miami, featuring a female protagonist and be released in 2022.

The clip from The Know says that GTA VI is currently known with the code name “Project Americas”, which is because of a feature possibly letting users travel from North America to South America for some missions.

GTA VI - Setting, Female Lead Protagonist, Release Window Leaked

The main location is said to be Miami, or Rockstar Games’ version of South Florida – Vice City – which is still possible considering how much similar the two actually are. Whether this means the game could be set in 1980s or witness a return of Tommy Vercetti is still up in the air.

Interestingly, Rockstar Games is reported to be working on its first female protagonist ever, even though we don’t know yet if that would be part of a trio of playable characters – such as in Grand Theft Auto V – or a return to a solitary lead as it was in the previous chapters.

You can find the video with all the details below. Of course, it’s still a rumor, so take it as a pinch of salt.