Guild Wars 2 devs detail upcoming The Battle for the Jade Sea changes

This might make it easier to get your Siege Turtle.

Screenshot by Gamepur

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Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons has brought four new maps to the game. The beautiful Seitung Province, New Kaineng City, and Dragon’s End maps all have individual appeal and unique Meta events. Meta events in Guild Wars 2 require players to work together to complete a timed event that is as challenging as it is rewarding. The Battle for the Jade Sea Meta event is no different, and devs have decided a few tweaks might be needed to make the event run a little more smoothly.

The Battle for the Jade Sea Meta requires players to work together to defeat a boss. Players have to ready up the map by completing several events in the North and South of the Dragon’s End map and then proceed through the various phases once the event is active. The event is challenging, and not just because it’s new and the various strategies aren’t yet perfected. The event is also massively popular as it’s the only way to unlock the collection for the Siege Turtle.

Upcoming changes and bug fixes

  • A bug where the green circle phase can be completed without the necessary per-requisites has been fixed. This change means that players must all work in coordination to capture the green circles and then head back to the platform before the phase is noted as complete.
  • In addition to the change above, the time to complete the phase has been reduced from the original 120 seconds to only 75 seconds. Instead, the change gives players an increased boss-timer, the seconds stacking on this part of the fight.
  • The duration of the damage-buff effect granted to the players in the green circle, who make it back alive and to the top of the boss arena, has been increased.
  • The debuff “Exposed“, which occurs once the break bar has been emptied, has been increased from 10 seconds to 30 seconds. The change applies to all mini-bosses as well as the Final Boss.
  • The Final Boss will more easily transition between “stunned” and “vulnerable” phases when pushed to health thresholds.

All these changes mean that players have more opportunities to deal damage and make the strategies for defeating the Meta boss easier to run. Devs have also hinted at possibly changing the method for acquiring the Siege Turtle collection or even the encounter if the event remains too challenging.