Guild Wars 2 What Lies Beneath update underwhelms fans with lacking story, boring rewards

They didn’t dig deep enough.

Image via ArenaNet

Players of Guild Wars 2 have received the latest update to the game’s story, What Lies Beneath, with a largely unhappy tone. Guild Wars 2, which last saw an update to the latest story with the launch of its third expansion, End of Dragons, finally brought out the update players had been waiting for. However, the overwhelming feeling from most players is that there’s not quite enough in this update to keep them entertained.

While the map itself has received praise for its design and music, players are lamenting the length of the story. With only around an hour to complete, dependent on your speed, and featuring none of the cutscenes that players have come to love and expect from Guild Wars 2 since Path of Fire launched, some on Reddit feel this wasn’t quite worth the wait.

There’s also been concern about the lack of longer-life content such as Strike Missions, or even Masteries for the Cantha region. To top it off, bugs have also popped up, with some players stating that they’ve been receiving endless spam from the Black Lion Trading Post since the update about the upcoming specials.

The new map Meta event has also been criticized, with players unhappy with the loot they’ve been receiving, as well as the opportunities they have to obtain that loot. Others have found that the Meta is certainly better in gameplay than some other End of Dragon Meta events, but still, not quite at the level, they were hoping for.

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With Guild Wars 2 gearing up to adopt a new mini-expansion model, players were hoping that the game would bring some peace of mind to the player base. However, it seems that there’s not much hope in their minds following this update. Until then, players can at least enjoy the upcoming Super Adventure Box event, as well as the March sales.