Halo Infinite Season 1’s Battle Pass is harder to complete if you don’t buy the new one

Not cool, 343.

Image via Halo YouTube

One of Halo Infinite’s strongest selling points is that Battle Passes don’t expire. Season 2: Lone Wolves is here, but you can still complete Season 1 challenges to earn various rewards. Unfortunately, doing that is harder now that the new season has begun.

Reddit user Greenbanana217 brought the issue to light. Their thread contains a screenshot of the Season 1 Battle Pass, which is one challenge slot short now. Normally the pass offers four weekly challenges, but as Greenbanana’s screenshot clearly shows, one of the four slots is locked out, prompting them to purchase the Season 2 pass to get it back.

Technically, this doesn’t break 343 Industries’ promise to keep Battle Passes from expiring, but it does raise some concerns. What happens when Season 3 starts? Will another slot go away? Will users always have to upgrade to the current pass to keep all their challenges open? These questions need answers.

The team at 343 hasn’t addressed these concerns yet, but it has talked about other Season 2 launch issues. Namely, speedrunning glitches that were patched out may come back, as they’re now undergoing review at the studio. Additionally, Last Spartan Standing progress should be tracking correctly now.

Halo Infinite offers cosmetics beyond the Battle Pass, like those featuring Microsoft Clippy. The paperclip mascot isn’t in the game just yet, but the charm, nameplate, and emblem with his design will be made available in the in-game store later this season.