Halo Infinite Season 2 maps are “very different” from the ones you know, says 343

Catalyst and Breaker are full of fresh ideas.

Image via 343 Industries

Halo Infinite’s second season, dubbed Lone Wolves, has been teased this week after a long time waiting. We’ve seen glimpses of the Energy Sword and what appears to be the leaked battle royale mode, and now we’ve gotten a proper preview of the season’s new maps.

As detailed on Halo Waypoint, Catalyst and Breaker are Lone Wolves’ new additions. According to multiplayer level designer Tyler Ensrude, “they look very different from the maps players have become familiar with in Halo Infinite.” That applies to the “aesthetics, layout and design, and gameplay” of both maps.

Catalyst is set inside a Forerunner structure, with waterfalls, high catwalks, and a light bridge connecting the sides. It’s a symmetrical map built for Capture the Flag and the new Land Grab mode. Breaker was also built with Capture the Flag in mind, and it’s one of 343’s “most ambitious [Big Team Battle] maps ever.” The somewhat symmetrical map is set in a scrapyard; each team gets a big chunk of debris as a home base, bookending a structure that’s been blown in half by a plasma beam. Oh yes, that beam is a hazard you’ll have to contend with too.

Lone Wolves’ kickoff isn’t too far away — the season begins on May 3. It should be a big boost to Halo Infinite, which was briefly surpassed by The Master Chief Collection on Steam in terms of daily players. Most plans for Season Two are already set in stone, but we may get more microtransactions soon too.