Halo Infinite might start offering more microtransactions, according to developer

More like Micro Chief.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Halo Infinite is constantly being tweaked by 343 Industries, from a five-point plan to combat cheating to a battle royale mode that just can’t stay secret. The popular shooter might also get another heap of microtransactions too.

That’s according to 343’s Season 1 Outcomes Report. In the “shop” section of the blog post, the studio details the feedback it’s received and how it plans to address it moving forward. Fans have noted that pricing on items seems to be different for similar cosmetics and have asked for more purchasing options outside of bundles. Individual items don’t rotate as often as fans like, nor is there an option to purchase an individual cosmetic from a bundle. “We also agree with this feedback,” says 343. As such, you should expect more microtransactions in general, as 343 will “be looking to improve these aspects of the shop in future updates.” In other words, there will likely be more individual items for purchase, cycling through the shop at a faster pace.

The Season 1 report comes as Season 2: Lone Wolves is being teased. The brief teaser shows Energy Sword combat, new maps, and what appears to be the aforementioned battle royale mode, Last Spartan Standing. Season 2 will kick off next month, on Friday, May 6.