Halo Infinite’s Forge mode may feature scripting system

Forging ahead.

Image via Xbox

The Forge mode has been a staple of Halo since its first inclusion in Halo 3 back in 2007. It allows players to create their own custom maps and share them with the community. Forge is a big favorite amongst Halo fans as it helps supply the game with a constant influx of new content that can show off some fantastic creativity and level design.

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We already know that Forge will be returning for Halo Infinite, though the beloved mode won’t be available until the game’s third season. It’s a long wait for Halo fans, and the rumored changes coming to the latest edition of Forge might make that wait seem even longer.

A new leak from the Twitter account @HaloNoticiasMX shows off a supposed Node Graph for the new Forge mode. The Node Graph shown looks to be a complex scripting system available in a more visual-friendly way, along the lines of Nintendo’s Game Builder Garage programming software/game, with an easy on-screen representation of logic and variables.

Scripting in games is starting to become more popular, with both the aforementioned Game Builder Garage and Media Molecule’s Dreams allowing players to dip their toes into programming along with standard map creation. One Dreams player even landed a job offer with a European developer thanks to their work.