Harry Potter: Wizards Unite And Adventure Sync


If you have been wondering if Harry Potter: Wizards Unite has adventure sync, then I have some bad news for you. At the moment, that feature is not in the game. Unlike Pokemon GO, Wizards Unite is not capable of updating your steps based on your phones GPS data, so any walking you do while the app is closed will not get logged. This means if you are used to how Pokemon GO works, and feel like you have been missing out on steps in Wizards Unite, that you are correct.

Wizards Unite And Adventure Sync

This is an important issue and a bit of an oversight from Niantic. Steps are essential because they allow you to unlock Portkey Portmanteaus. These devices will enable you to visit different parts of the Harry Potter universe and collect special items from them. Now, it’s also important to note that Pokemon GO didn’t launch with adventure sync either, it just seems to odd to launch Wizards Unite, which is a similar game, without it.

As such, when you are out an about, even if you are not actively playing the game, you want to have it open on your phone, so it can track your steps and work on those Portkeys. You should also be careful as the app has a nasty habit of closing itself when you spend time on another app. Annoying, but important to know. As such, if you want to be entirely sure those steps are being counted, leave the app open on the phone and don’t use it for anything else.

I imagine Niantic do have plans to bring Adventure Sync to the game, and hopefully, that day is not too far off. If the Portkeys are anything like Eggs, then they are going to be a vital part of the game, and people will want every step they take to matter. Until then, be careful to have that app running when you are out and about.