Niantic Are Making Changes To Spell Energy In Harry Potter: Wizards Unite


One of the most significant issues people have been having with Harry Potter: Wizards Unite since it has launched is that Spell Energy can be a struggle to get. You use Spell Energy to find Foundables, and also to fight. Unless you are fortunate and have a lot of Inns and Greenhouses near you, it can hard to keep your stock of Spell Energy up.

This is hopefully going to change, as Niantic has just announced the following changes to Spell Energy:

  • The amount of Spell Energy given to players who first enter the game has been increased from 25 to 50
  • Increased the amount of Spell Energy you get from Inns and Greenhouses
  • Increased the amount of Spell Energy you get from Daily Assignments
    • From “To Collect an Ingredient or Portmanteau” from 5 to 10

I haven’t been able to play the game yet today, but people on the internet are reporting that they are regularly getting four energy each time from a Greenhouse, and up to 10 energy from an Inn. As such, it seems that both have had the possible energy they can give you double, which is excellent.

These changes are significant because there isn’t much that you can do in the game without Spell Energy. Some people have been struggling because there are more Fortresses in their area than Inns or Greenhouses. Fortresses house Wizarding Challenges, which require a lot of Spell Energy, so if you are having trouble getting any, then the Fortresses are practically useless.

It’s great to see Niantic responding so quickly to the issue because there are a few rough edges to Harry Potter: Wizards Unite that need to be ironed out. The lack of Adventure Sync, and some inventory management issues, are still a problem for some people. Still, it is early days for the game, and it is good to see the developers being so quick to bring fixes based on community feedback.