Hearthstone: Doom in the Tomb Events Announced, Returning Wild Cards Revealed


On September 27, the team teased upcoming events for Hearthstone. Of particular note was that Wild cards would be temporarily returning to Standard, sparking wild speculation and wish lists (including some of my own). Today the events themselves were revealed in full, and they look quite interesting.

Named ‘Doom in the Tomb,’ they represent three weeks of events starting on October October 8 and ending October 30. This includes two Tombs of Terror themed Tavern Brawls (one as the villains of E.V.I.L, the other as the League of Explorers) and a third more standard Tavern Brawl featuring the return of the Horseman, this time with a Haunted Carousel full of Dreadsteeds.

More interestingly to me is the return of Dual Class Arena, but even more, is the list of returning Wild cards finally being revealed. They are as follows:

  • Astral Communion
  • Kun, the Forgotten King
  • Babbling Book
  • Flamewaker
  • Mysterious Challenger
  • Avenge
  • Lock and Load
  • Call of the Wild
  • Evolve
  • Thing From Below
  • Shaku, the Collector
  • Swashburglar
  • Lightbomb
  • Vol’Jin
  • Imp Gang Boss
  • Renounce Darkness
  • Varian Wrynn
  • Bloodhoof Brave
  • N’Zoth, the Corruptor
  • Ragnaros the Firelord
  • Sylvanas Windrunner
  • The Curator
  • Emperor Thaurissan

While none made my list of top ten picks, some were ones on my mind when writing it (Avenge and Mysterious Challenger specifically), so I’m not too put out by it though I do question the Warlock and Warrior picks, as it’s not clear what archetype they are meant to enable or gap they’re meant to shore up.

These cards will be given to every player for free in non-disenchantable, uncraftable forms for the duration of their stay, which will not be until the end of the Doom in the Tomb event; they’re sticking with us until the new expansion comes around (likely to be the first week of December if the schedule holds).

Even this is not all the event has to offer, with Legendary quests coming out which offer huge sums of gold or card packs, as well as a bundle of 5 free card packs (two Saviors of Uldum, two Rise of Shadows, one Rastakan’s Rumble) just for logging on! To round things out, the Hex and Flex Bundles go live during the event as well, each costing USD 19.99 and offering a whopping 20 packs (Rise of Shadows for Hex, and Saviors of Uldum for Flex) and a free Legendary from the set or purpose. This is a huge discount on the normal price.

All in all, this is shaping up to be one of the biggest events they’ve ever done for Hearthstone, and it’s a bit surprising (but welcome) that it’s coming out around Halloween. I look forward to seeing what comes of it, especially as the Wild cards look like they are going to be legal for at least one Hearthstone esports event.