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Hearthstone will finally get a Death Knight class with March of the Lich King expansion

This march begins in December.

Hearthstone is one of the best PC card games out there these days. It’s seen 21 full expansions since its 2014 launch, and each one has added features like new heroes and card abilities. While the virtual card game already has 10 playable classes that reflect the lineup in World of Warcraft, there’s at least one notable absence: the Death Knight. Hearthstone’s 22nd expansion, March of the Lich King, is correcting that at long last.

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Blizzard announced March of the Lich King with a shiny cinematic trailer, as is tradition. It shows the titular king Arthas in combat with some blood elves, and that conflict is the basis for the expansion’s story. The Death Knight class can use a new power called Ghoul Charge, which summons a ghoul that dies after a single turn. Its corpse can then be used to power up your cards, playing into the necromantic tendencies of a lich.

As stated on the Hearthstone website, March of the Lich King will bring 145 new cards to the game. Several have already been revealed, and more will be shown off on the site’s library in the lead-up to launch. New Undead and Dual-Type minions types are also part of the lineup, with the latter representing what the creature was before it became undead. The Reborn keyword is returning, and the Manathirst keyword will make its debut. If you have enough mana gathered, cards with Manathirst will automatically be powered up.

If all of that sounds good to you, then you’ll be happy to know that March of the Lich King isn’t far off: the new expansion arrives on Tuesday, December 6. Card bundles are available for preorder now, but you can also score a freebie just by logging in. Boot the game up before the expansion arrives, and you’ll automatically receive one of its new cards: a Legendary spell called The Sunwell.

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