Hogwarts Legacy customers raise ire over magically canceled pre-orders

Some acceptance letters have gone missing.

Image via WB Games

Hogwarts Legacy has been gearing up to be a popular release for 2023, but it has also attracted a fair share of controversy since its announcement, mainly centering around author JK Rowling’s transphobic stances. To add to the number of negative news items related to the game, pre-orders for the game are magically disappearing — Rowling isn’t the only one getting canceled. With a little over a month to go until the release of the game, this is not a good sign for its launch, and there are plenty of customers who are making it known that they are unhappy about these events.

In recent days, every post on the official Hogwarts Legacy Twitter page has been followed with replies complaining about how some players have seen their pre-orders getting canceled. Those who plan on getting the game on PlayStation platforms have already felt the sting of this early when they received emails about changing their pre-order preference. Those who didn’t respond by December 20 automatically had their pre-order refunded.

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Now a similar issue is happening for those who plan on purchasing the game on Xbox. Luckily for these people, Warner Bros. Games Support is well aware of the situation and has cleared up why this has been happening in a response made on Twitter. It turns out that the cancelations are due to the delay of the Xbox One version of the game which is included in the Xbox Series X|S Digital Deluxe Edition. The support page mentioned that those affected by this should have received an email about the delay. The release of the next-gen and PC copies of Hogwarts Legacy is still set to release in February while the last-gen versions are set for April.