Hogwarts Legacy’s official launch livestream is an audio-less buggy disaster, had to restart twice

Seems like a failure for the Ordinary Wizarding Level.

Screenshot by Gamepur

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The Hogwarts Legacy early access livestream seems to have been hit by a Confundus Charm. The development team at Avalanche Software hosted the event to showcase the game ahead of its official release. While it seemed like a good way for game makers to highlight the game they worked on, things didn’t go so well for the stream itself.

For anyone who watched the stream for even a minute, you likely noticed something’s not quite right. Starting off, the audio is all over the place. One moment it’s clean and crisp and the other it’s missing altogether. Viewers have noted the sound was completely missing for moments of the stream so they missed out on what was being said.

That’s bad enough as it is, but keep in mind that Twitch Drops were also enabled for the stream but, again, viewers said it wasn’t working. Anyone watching for more than 60 minutes would earn Merlin’s Cloak for the game but many said they didn’t get it at all.

We actually jumped in ourselves to see if the reports about the stream being low quality were true and noticed the sound was back but the scene itself was laggy. It was so bad at one point, that the screen froze entirely, halting on the wand itself, while the developers continued talking as they saw the scene play out for them while it sat frozen for viewers.

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Now, we’d blame Nargles but as you can’t see them and no one actually knows if they exist, we’ll chalk it up to lag and bugs. That and the fact the stream was going out to Twitch and YouTube may have had an impact on it. The developers restarted the stream and mentioned they noticed the lag and audio issues stating, “it seems our magic was not strong enough to stream to multiple sources all at once.” However, even then the glitches continued as the audio was not matched with their lips. Regardless, hosting Twitch Drops and those not working is certainly an annoying issue for players.

Fortunately, the team will be having a launch day stream on Friday at 8 AM PST. Viewers will have another chance to earn Merlin’s Cloak then, hopefully without any Nargles in the system.