The Jetpack Has Finally Arrived In Fortnite


Some months ago, we all thought that jetpacks would be arriving in Fortnite. Sadly, at the time the devs decided to pull back on the release, due to some issues. Instead, we got the Hunting Rifle, which is great, as killing people in new ways is always fun.

The good news is, jetpacks have arrived in the game today! Jetpacks are not just cosmetic, like the back bling you are all accustomed to, instead they take up an inventory slot. Jetpacks are legendary items that can be found in chests dotted all over the map. You may only have one at a time, and while you are using it, it will replace your normal back bling. It will also take a second to two to put on, so keep that in mind if you are under fire!

The jetpack works by allowing you greater mobility. When you jump, you can activate it to fly for a while. You need to be careful though, you can get quite high with them, and fall damage will still kill you. It actually seems like taking full advantage of a jetpack will take a lot of skill. They have a limited amount of thrust, as well as seeming to have a built in overheat function. As such, you want to be careful with how you use them!

The update didn’t just bring jetpacks to the game, we also have a week of new Challenges! These include a search for a crest, and a need to make it to the eye of the storm! If you want to read up on the patch notes this week, you can find them at the Epic Game website. Feel free to check out our Guide Hub should you need help with any of the Fortnite Challenges.