Kojima Productions announces it’s working on “a new project” after Death Stranding

The studio is on a hiring spree.

Kojima Productions has announced it is working on a new project, even though it’s not clear what that could be. The Japanese developer has confirmed the news when opening hirings for its Tokyo studio.

“Kojima Productions confirms a new project is in development,” reads a statement issued on Twitter. The team “is looking to hire the best-in-class talent to work out of our Tokyo studio.”

Job listings include a variety of openings featuring programmers, designers, artists, producers, and writers. With so many openings, there’s a chance Kojima Productions is ramping up in terms of size and scope of the studio, although it’s not clear how many staffers left the team after completing Death Stranding.

A first confirmation that the studio was working on something new seemingly came from Ludvig Forssell several hours before the reveal. The Death Stranding composer shared a photo on Twitter depicting him and his staff working on a “first ‘COVID recording’ this year (for undisclosed project),” but after fans started speculating it would be for a new Kojima Productions game, he quickly clarified it is not correlated since it’s “a side-project I’m working on, not related to KJP.”

Hideo Kojima has been linked to a reboot of Silent Hills recently, which was debunked eventually, and a horror game.

Of course, this new project can’t be ruled out as Death Stranding 2, a sequel to the critically acclaimed yet divisive open-world action-adventure.