Konami apologizes for issues in eFootball 2022, promises fixes at the end of the month

But will it arrive too late?

Image via Konami

Konami has issued a brief apology to players of eFootball 2022 that also promises fixes are on the way. The developer is currently readying patch 0.9.1 for release on October 28, which will focus on the problems players have highlighted since launch.

To say eFootball 2022 had a rocky release would be something of an understatement. The free-to-play sports title received so many negative reviews on Steam that it surpassed Flatout 3 as the worst-rated game on the storefront. Players experienced numerous graphical and gameplay problems that ranged from unintentionally hilarious to incredibly frustrating.

The issues with eFootball 2022 arguably go back even further than its frankly disastrous launch, though. Before release, Konami announced it would lack several features, including Master League and even some mechanics. They did refer to the initial launch as effectively being a demo, but that hasn’t stopped fans from expressing their continued disappointment.

And with October 28 still quite a way off, it’s not looking good for eFootball 2022. A return from injury isn’t entirely off the table. Fallout 76 has gradually improved its reputation over the years, after all. But with a yearly franchise like eFootball, it might be harder to win fans back, particularly with FIFA providing a more than a viable alternative.