Lady Gaga Asks “What’s Fortnite,” And The Internet Goes Crazy


Lady Gaga has once again made a quick trip back and forth gaming on Twitter a few hours ago.

The popstar is known around gamers not only for her music but also because for a certain amount of time; she’s posted about her love for Bayonetta, which she’s played and shared about on her official social account a couple of months ago. The artist was also rumored to be a guest in Cyberpunk 2077.

Now, Lady Gaga has shaken once again the world of gaming, asking people what is “Fortnight,” evidently out of curiosity because of the black hole that has destroyed for a couple of days the entire game and spits it out in a new form called Chapter 2.

She asked her followers, “What’s Fortnight” misspelling the name of the game to know what it is, and reactions of fans have been crazy. A lot of accounts of a brand like Discord, Netflix, even Ninja, Mixer, Twitch, Pornhub (for some reason), and more have answered that question inviting her to play with them or to have some fun.

This gives the idea of how popular Fortnite is right now, in a moment where people started to believe (and trends were on the walls, to be honest) that the game was going through a slow but steady decline. Epic’s move to reboot it was bold, had great timing, and paid off, it seems.