Latest Mass Effect Legendary Edition trailer shows off how far the visuals have come

A stunning visual improvement.

Image via EA

Mass Effect Legendary Edition’s release is just over a month away. The remaster of the original Mass Effect trilogy is shaping up to be an excellent package for new and returning fans alike, especially in the visual department. Today, EA and BioWare shared a new trailer that gives fans a look at what the remastered version looks like compared to the original games. It’s quite the upgrade.

As you’d expect, many of the player models look better, but the more striking improvements for us come in the environments. Early in the new trailer, we see the Mako driving through a region filled with lava. In the original, the lava just looks like a goopy red substance. The remake turns it into something much more true to life. Not only does it just look better, but we see lava bubbles burst at the surface and smoke billowing out of the ground. And, this is just one of many examples.

Another thing that stands out in the trailer is the improved lighting on all of the models. For instance, there’s a shot with Thane that shows this off in his eyes. In the original games, his eyes have a bit of a lifeless quality to them because they’re so black. The remake gives them that extra bit of lighting to really make them come alive.

Make sure to check out the full trailer for yourself below to see everything else BioWare is doing with the remake’s visuals.