BioWare Is Teasing Fans With N7 Day “Nebula” Teaser – And We Are All For It

The Mass Effect Nebula trailer is out, and fans are hyped to hear what BioWare is cooking up in the Mass Effect universe.


Image via BioWare YouTube

N7 Day for Mass Effect Days is a celebration of the franchise created by Bioware, bringing together all Mass Effect fans. For this year’s N7 Day, BioWare has shared a short teaser showing off the upcoming project, calling it “Nebula,” and offering a short video.

As a fan of the Mass Effect franchise, even this short teaser was enough to be me hyped about what the BioWare team has cooking. Although the teaser is short, it provides a futuristic look at eager players in the Mass Effect unique and offers hope to returning as an N7 officer. However, there’s no confirmation if we will be returning as Commander Shepard or not.

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Nebula Teaser Hypes Mass Effect Fans For Future BioWare Project

The teaser went live today on BioWare YouTube, shortly after the Nebula website had been teased several times by Michael Gamble, the Project Director and Executive Product at BioWare.

Previously, Gamble had been small teasers to his Twitter followers by posting, “First packet intercepted,” and directing fans to the Epsilon EA page on the Mass Effect website. The link offered a short five-second trailer showing a character walking down a hallway, but it was too dark to make them out. After that, Gamble offered a second tweet, saying, “Second packet intercepted.” Anyone on the Epsilon EA page had to refresh their page to see an updated teaser, which showed more of the character walking down the hallway but distinctly showed the iconic “N7” symbol on their jacket.

Now, the entire teaser was released, showing off the 35-second trailer you see posted above for the next Mass Effect project. Unfortunately, we have very little goon, but the fact that it shows an N7 character walking towards a blurred ship and Gamble was consistently sharing the Mass Effect Remastered poster on his Twitter, many fans are hoping this means the return of Commander Shepard and the Normandy crew. Gamble did make a following post asking fans to “Look closely,” which has everyone in a frenzy to find every small detail offered in this video.

We’ve had teasers in the past that BioWare was actively working on a Mass Effect project. These announcements had always occurred around previous N7 days, and we know Liara T’Soni, one of the iconic characters from the Mass Effect series, is likely to return. She was last seen making her way toward a shipwreck, but we don’t have any official confirmations about the finer details of this project or where the BioWare team is in the development cycle.

Honestly, fans have been waiting over a decade to return to the Mass Effect universe, with Mass Effect 3 coming out in March 2012. Mass Effect Andromeda was BioWare’s attempt to branch the series out to other universes, but ultimately fell short at the time. However, the game has seen an overall resurgence among fans since its release.

Right now, we’re waiting for official details from the BioWare team about the next Mass Effect product, but much like Dragon Age 4: Dread Wolf fans, we’re here for it. We’re ready to hear what BioWare says about this project and what we can hope for in the Mass Effect universe.