League of Legends Mobile May Have Leaked Ahead Of 10th Anniversary Stream


League of Legends Mobile may have leaked, ahead of a possible formal announcement about the game at the League of Legends 10th Anniversary stream. A pre-registration page for the game briefly became available in China and Brazil but was swiftly removed.

Now, all signs seem to point to the mobile version of the MOBA titan getting unveiled during the 10th Anniversary stream for League of Legends. The stream will be taking place about 12 hours from now, at 6pm PDT. You will be able to watch the stream on the official Riot Twitch Channel.

A mobile version of the game would make a tremendous amount of sense for Riot. Mobile gaming is a massive industry, and the recent success of COD Mobile shows precisely how well an established property can do. The CoD Mobile game was able to hit 100 million downloads in record time.

This announcement could coincide with revealing Team Fight Tactics will be part of the deal as well. The Auto-battler genre has been taking off as late, and Team Fight Tactics is Riot’s entry into the emergent genre. I know of at least one game’s writer who would like to be able to kick back on the couch and play the game on his phone, let me tell you.

We will keep you to date with any further info that comes out before the official stream.