Leaked Aloy footage gives Genshin Impact players their first look at Horizon Zero Dawn’s hero in-game

A hear from another land.

Image via miHoYo.

Unless you have been living under a rock somewhere in the Golden Apple Archipelago, you will be aware that Genshin Impact is getting a free 5 Star character over the coming months. None other than Aloy, the hero of Guerrilla’s PlayStation exclusive Horizon Zero Dawn, will be making her way to the game.

Recently, some leaked gameplay appeared, showing off her elemental skill and burst abilities. Her elemental skill, called Frozen Wilds, has her throwing a bomb that explodes and causes Chillwater Bomblets to form. Any enemies that make contact with the Bomblets will then cause them to explode again.

Her elemental burst sees her charging up an arrow attack then unleashing it on a Power Cell, causing a massive cryo explosion. The gameplay and character model both look a little rough, so expect some polish to both before Aloy arrives in your game.

The free character will be added to Genshin Impact for PlayStation users in update 2.1 on September 1 and will arrive for everyone else in the 2.2 update on October 13. If you play on PC or mobile, yes, you need to wait a little longer, but that isn’t all that surprising.

Along with Aloy, players will also be getting a 4 Star bow to go with her so that she will be coming armed and ready to take the fight to the enemies of the Traveler.