Legends of Runeterra Getting Draft Mode This Week


While collectible card game players have been enjoying Legends of Runeterra thus far, it only comes with two modes: Tutorial and Normal. It’s changing soon. Riot Games has teased a Draft mode making its debut this week.

The team posted a new tweet on the official Legends Twitter account this morning, confirming that “there’s a new draft mode on the horizon.” Also, it posted what appears to be a schedule planning its debut.

Tomorrow, a full video will release highlighting what’s coming to the mode. The following day, a patch is going out with changes to several cards in preparation for the mode. Thursday is when it officially releases.

There were previous talks from Riot Games introducing a mode called Expeditions to Legends of Runeterra. It’s unknown if this is it with a new name, or if it’s a different mode altogether. Regardless, it’s moving right along with updates, as it’s also planning to add some form of Ranked queue to the game—but not until sometime in early 2020.

This mode should post an exciting challenge to players, with three different packs to pick. We’ll post the video and the patch notes when they release. The gameplay is about to pick up dramatically for fans of Legends of Runeterra.